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Unloved kid.

I always felt frightened. I can’t remember not feeling like that. I lived with chaos, instability, violence, misery. I look at old photos of me and from the age of about four I have that same slightly blank, shell-shocked look … Continue reading

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Mr Blue Sky

The soundtrack to one of the best periods of my life was ELO’s Out of the Blue. I listened to it on repeat on a nearly worn-through cassette on my shiny yellow sports Walkman. I went everywhere hearing Jeff Lynne’s … Continue reading

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There are ugly, real scars on my body that you made years ago and that I am now utterly ashamed of. You have done so much damage. When think about it I can’t make myself forgive you and I don’t … Continue reading

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Does a Little Dance. Moves On.

What am I afraid of? What is it that I think will happen if I don’t do as I’m told, or don’t do what I’ve always done? I’m afraid of the same things that I was always frightened of and … Continue reading

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