Mr Blue Sky

The soundtrack to one of the best periods of my life was ELO’s Out of the Blue. I listened to it on repeat on a nearly worn-through cassette on my shiny yellow sports Walkman. I went everywhere hearing Jeff Lynne’s voice and singing along in my head and I remember that it was a great time when I felt good about myself and happy and I expected life to be wonderful. I was 14. It was an unusual easy summer in amongst years of fear and chaos and abuse. I don’t know why that time was different. I just remember that for a big chunk of that year I was happy. And when I hear ELO now it provokes pleasant memories. I watched them last night on YouTube and revisited all those good feelings and had a little cry for the loss of that time and then a giggle at the thought of me, surgically attached to my walkman, wearing out that tape, loving myself massively and thinking I was so very cool. I wasn’t. But I thought I was, which is all that matters. I think today I’ll play that album again and see where it puts me. Maybe I’ll be very cool just one more time.


About pippa

40-something, yogi, gardener, reader and writer. Not great at any of those things but more than happy to be average. I'm anxious, depressed, chaotic, boring, delighted, excited and often foolish. It's all good. And cake.
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